1. The formation and development:
Pharmaceutical Company Limited Lotus was founded in November 2002, with the main business sectors initial circulation distribution Pharmacy.
Since June 2003, the company projects "FACTORY PRODUCTION drugs from pharmaceuticals, has a design capacity of 250 tons of pharmaceuticals a year with a total initial investment of 9 billion. The project was implemented on an area of 7000 m2 in America Xa IZ - TP.Nam Dinh, Nam Dinh province. After more than two years of project implementation, the Company completed the construction of buildings, installation of machinery and equipment, including the production line going from the first stage is to extract medicinal stage manufactured products and packaging the finished product. In late 2006, the company was evaluating the Health Ministry facilities and technical certification "Qualified production of drugs from pharmaceuticals, with the dosage forms including tablets, maintenance staff, members including film, hard capsule, tablet completely solid, liquid medicines and nuggets.
To date the company has been the Ministry of Health licensed the production and circulation throughout the country for 15 pharmaceutical products and medicines East 10 functional food products.

Development strategy.
Pollen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sen - From awareness to development strategies.
Pharmaceutical Company Limited has invested Lotus theoretical research Oriental medicine remedies with traditional medicine on the basis of documents on traditional medicine, and survey research evaluating treatment outcomes in a medical examination and treatment with traditional medicine. Together with the results of research on aspects of pharmacology and pathology, the company has conducted surveys and studies of domestic pharmaceutical market, which companies were aware that in the context of economic integration on deeper promote extensive, the potential inherent advantages, the development of specific products, brand-building for local products just work to promote internal power has reduced the competitive pressure, thereby Pharmaceutical Co., Lotus decided to choose their own path is: Research inheriting and developing the value of traditional medicine, combined with the support of equipment and technology
modern manufactured products to produce medicines from medicinal herbs on an industrial scale.

Motto action.
Philosophy of Medicine Co., Ltd. is Lotus' first-IDEA - specialty products - QUALITY confirm. "
With a business philosophy that made the company philosophy of action is studied in depth survey and analysis of demand for essential treatment of illness, clearly identify the subjects of service, finding new market segments , take it as a basis for formulating strategies for product companies. After nearly four years time to go into production until now Lotus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has been researching and manufacturing pharmaceutical products of Eastern medicine has particular political effect, remarkably effective, drugs to meet demand essential medical treatment has brought particular focus of the company.
Including consumer product such as Di urinary Unit - Hose, Hose Vienna Dogs-Tooth Pain; Target-Hose Water Board; DeHiccough; Hoang Tien Dan, Dan ... Ich Turkey
With that initial success, the company's products when introduced to the market has rapidly accepted by customers and private users, are highly professional and effective ideas about treatment.
Through its unique products, Pharmaceutical Company Limited Lotus be confirmed early in the research professional production, created a good impression on the image and reputation of the manufacturer on the market.

* Potential of the company.
- Potential in research and product development.
Pharmacy Graduate with a strong professional capacity, professionalism and sensitivity, is the right investment for product research and development, is part packaging design and design professionals with religious purposes only clear philosophy of practice and consistency of opinion leaders in the companies implementing business strategy set out, Pharmaceutical Company Limited Lotus has a great potential in the study and the
produce specialty products for the effective treatment of distinct observations with the needs of society.

- Potential of technical facilities.
Currently the company has 2500 m2 factory is built on solid ground 7000 m2. There are other production equipment including line herbal extracts, tablets prepared lines, maintenance staff, who covers film, hard capsules, members complete line of hard preparation, cereal production lines manufacture drugs manufacture drugs and water lines, are equipped with synchronous machines, meeting strict requirements on quality standards of sterilization and hygiene, towards the goal standard "Practicing medicine production
Good - GMP "for the production of drugs from pharmaceuticals in the near future.

- Potential for a team of technicians and skilled workers.
The laborer with the concept of a precious asset of the Company, the Company is focused on training, learning organization - to foster the training and skills to work for the technicians and workers .
Now, the company has a team of talented technicians and skilled workers, knowledge work, sticking with the company.

Building corporate culture.
Pharmaceutical Company Limited Lotus be aware that business culture is an intangible value of the company, contributing to building and brand development company. So in addition to professional training, the company focuses on life care, increase income and ensure the full regime, benefits for employees, creating a friendly work environment, building lifestyle and cultural development, focused on raising awareness of human dignity and to build the foundation for culture and business of the Company. For customers, the company always respect and listen to any feedback from customers as the main mirror image of the company. Pharmaceutical Company Limited Lotus desire and effort to please customers.
Pharmaceutical Company Limited Lotus look forward to working with partners on the basis of friendship development in the field of research, production and trading Pharmaceutical products, functional food.

Distribution system.
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. established Lotus product distribution system through contracts with its distributors, professional experienced in the field of Pharmaceutical Distribution and Functional Foods.
The company has always built close relationships between organic producers and distributors, improving professionalism in production and business activities.

In the northern area of the Company's products are distributed by the Company:
In Central and Southern Company's products are distributed by the Company:

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