In traditional medicine, cholera under certificate "or disorder", was diagnosed with multiple treatment with different methods, including the application experience is very rich folklore, and not using the drug .

Non-drug methods

Regarding the non-drug methods include: rice vinegar to take long to heat, and then use gauze soaked chuom limbs several times - used to treat cramps attack (traditional medicine known as weight transfer) in cholera; or research abstract blood panicles, each coated with blood 10 (abstract panicles vented in the back, swept-prone hand, measure the distance from the wire tip elbow joint, where sunken wire passing under the dorsal spine is a grave, grave from this measure cramping on both sides of a horizontal arm, each side of a grave, so there are three graves) filled with salt from the navel, and then ask Him to use the above studies, used to treat stomach karma and rebirth in cholera.

Can also replace salt with sliced fresh ginger (the ginger research) or more vented magnet sentence description (from the point between the back of the wrist measured on three villages in the slot between the back bone and head bone) - cure for vomiting many of cholera; use a ceramic bowl put canola wind shaved neck shoulder, spine, two side, two in the elbow and knee joints. Shaved from the top down until the purple dots appear, then stop; get crushed garlic retired two foot rub until the time blazing hot, used to treat cramps in cholera; use salt so hot chuom chest, abdomen and back several times to stop vomiting and diarrhea.

Gypsum plaster
Herbs herbs licorice licorice

The method used drugs

Includes the following items: the sand 15gr, 12gr imperial situation, inter-imperial 6gr, 5gr licorice, corn 3gr beasts, 30gr mind of course, bring excellent (cooking) to drink - for the possible heat illness (represented by the millions fever, dry mouth, throat, thirst, abdominal pain, smelly waste, urinating red lotus ...). If cramping, then add the quince in 12gr, 15gr transparency measures. More vomiting, more vinyl structure 10gr, 10gr institutional sales down; used items including, prince ginseng 30gr, 15gr subject vessels, lymph Size 15gr, 15gr Schisandra, contact 6gr royal, sea beans 10gr, 10gr injection workshop, ideas of course 30gr , offers excellent drinks - for many cases of dehydration.

If gas damage many (extremely hungry, drop in blood pressure) is more imperial period 30gr, 10gr quince more cramps, drink a lot more sand base 15gr, 15gr box tomorrow, go out too much in fossil grenade 15gr packaging, or items include, Prince Ginseng 25gr, 12gr subject circuit, rock 12gr, 15gr box tomorrow, chlorophyll structure 10gr, 10gr lotus leaves - for the period of recovery.

If there is fever in plaster 30gr, incontinence for flexible benefits 10gr family, poor family eat malt, glass house and investigate why black paint 30gr; used items including, salt 40gr Alismatales star, ginger bark back to the center 40gr, mung bean 100gr white gold star, or incense 80gr, 10gr dried fresh ginger. All Counselor powder, 3 times per day, each time with warm water 5gr; use fresh ginger baked shell fire 8gr, galangal star 12gr, 12gr star lemongrass bulbs, buds 8gr sim (or guava bud how 12gr), with 500 offers excellent countries still divided ml 200 ml drink 2 times a day.

Or sim 8gr bud, bud guava 60gr, 20gr galangal, spread flour all gold stars, taking each day three times, each 5gr with warm water - can be used for welding of disease (symptoms usually come with a manual Cold, cold sweat, fear conditioning, no abdominal pain, all countries classified as water whitish opaque wash the rice ...); using talc and equal quantities of licorice, spread flour, drink every day two times, each 3 -6gr; or 16gr green tea buds, pennywort 16gr, 16gr heart is open, cotton threads code 16gr, 18gr myrtle buds, excellent drink.

Overall, the experience mentioned above are simple, easy to search, easy and very convenient.

(According to Dr. Hoang Khanh Toan / / Thanhnien)