DI urinary APPLICATION - RESOLUTION TOA anxiety, sorrow

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Winter nights, parents, and children are sleeping in a warm blanket, soft mattress. Suddenly your baby and quietly, carrots .... Judy Little is wet .. Then the baby was ... ... beam elements.
Winter nights, the family is sleeping, suddenly continent .. Department of Contents ... .. ... Department, in particular he got up to urinate, and then any particular moment to do it again but do not want broken engine ...
This is a scene of everyday family life that anyone of us has experienced. That fact, and this fact has caused no little trouble. Many families with children will wet the bed ... with his instruments, particularly at night to urinate many times she has upset life activities. During the day have to work hard labor, anxiety, life, I returned to sleep because he and his instruments, particularly when she was born so many collisions, loudly between the family together. The baby will still be in Vietnam in trouble ... blankets, mattresses wet fly .. .. to be replaced ammonia odor, wash .. but the cold winter,, beam back more rain, long dry norther ...

                                                                                  Just buy it like this .....
It is thought that bed-wetting child is born of nature. Approximately 15-20% of children under 5 years of age with enuresis. When more than (5-year-old daughter, son 6 years old), if they still do not control the urination during sleep, it's bed-wetting condition.
Children up to 5 years old still wet the bed constantly, which is a type of enuresis (about 15-20%). Children 5-12 years old, has had to recover at 6 months, they were back, as enuresis type 2 (approximately 3-8%). A small number of young adults, even teens still wet the bed.
If the father or mother childhood enuresis, the children also have 40% risk of this disease. If both parents wet the bed childhood illness, the risk up to 70-75%.
Causes of enuresis is unknown, may be due to: The possibility is not well developed bladder, the bladder is too small, no control over the operation of sub-pipes, no control of bladder activity, slow development nervous system.
The old man, old lady to get up to urinate more often during cold nights are affecting the health of the instrument, because the old blood vessels less elastic flexibility, the sudden change in environmental temperature as blood vessel elasticity easy to cause a sudden stroke .. broken blood vessels - especially cerebrovascular, causing cerebral vascular accident - a dangerous disease and difficult to solve. Instruments themselves do not want to get up to urinate during the night so many times - but old age is the disease difficult to avoid strip, Shan, Dai Many times .. Approximately 15-30% for elderly people suffer from this disease. Although the amount of urine in the bladder less but the patient still needs frequent urination, not hold it. People with this disease often feel wants to urinate, sometimes urgent must go, if not, be the pants. Patients must urinate an average 1-2 hours, sometimes only 15-20 minutes. Total urine output during the day would not rise more than at healthy.
There are four basic reasons causing the disease:
- The bladder is weak, unstable, causing the gradual loss of strength of the urine which can reserve a few days.
- Road blocked off the urine, possibly due to enlarged prostate, bladder stones or cancer, sometimes the uterus or bladder marijuana.
- Bladder with neurological disorders.
- The contraction of bladder and urethra are not enough resources.
Some other causes also a primary cause, such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, chronic inflammation due to rule or urethral surgery, diabetes, neurological disease with spinal bone, sequelae of previous surgery in the pelvic area.
For postmenopausal women, the hormone estrogen decrease made it possible for urethral mucosa was thick, hard up, obstructing traffic urine. Many women of childbearing also weaken the pelvic area, causing no small self.
According to traditional medicine, vaccine enuresis "allergic urinary" bladder that is not autonomous, self-control is not usually expressed in the urine when going to bed (bed-wetting) or could not hold pee more than once. Enuresis is often found in children, diabetes is not commonly seen birds in the elderly. Causes of thermal (heat), have welded (cold), but more heat welding. Enuresis is related directly to the kidneys and bladder. Second client means (age, bladder), bladder all the conventional processing. If kidney damage or bladder gas processing agreement was not then born enuresis or incontinence situation.
If the FORM is DI's unique products Pharmaceutical Company Limited Lotus research, production from the herbs you like:
- Tang adventure Objectives: sweet, calculated average, the economic Can, Shen. Kidney useful work, deliberately using mobile glass repair, Taishan, urine several times.
- Rabbit Electronics Company: sweet, spicy, reliability, in respectfully, Kidney. Additional effects can, kidneys, add the essence, strong muscles. Use cold treatment nephrotic crystal, impotence, portable computer, tired legs back pain, bladder perforated.
- Ich human mind: The spicy, mild, warm the kidneys work, you, go chiefly holding liquid. Use as bed-wetting medications, essential travel dreams, amending the stomach.
- Bankruptcy fixed address: The spicy, bitter, great noise calculation. Into three economic Pi, Kidney, Heart cells. Having additional work load par subject the United Spirit is a drug used to cure muscular contingent labor certification, commercial furniture, commercial core failure, bad blood women, contraceptive failure, spleen and kidney damage welding, Taishan, cold pillow back pain.
- Added Ginseng: sweet, calculated average. In economic waste, Pi, effect: Further spleen, gas utility, new students only thirsty. Indications: Pi status deteriorated, damaged waste gas weakness, loss of appetite, loose modern convenience, fatigue, thirst, prolonged physical illness, depression, blood damage.
- Third click: sweet, spicy, mild steam properties. In economic kidneys, mild renal effects, positive support, strong muscles reducing rheumatism. Use positive treatment committee, rheumatism and gas charges, muscles weakness, fatigue knee back pain.
The combination of pancakes in the herbal product on urinary FORM DI, kidney effects, intentionally .. , Used to treat cases of children wet the bed, sweating theft - Adult paint to urinate, frequent urination at night, many at home sweating limbs and body. Baby and his tool, she used specific urinary FORM DI out every day to her bed-wetting, old man, old lady all night to urinate several times, for both nights are for sleeping, for days disengaged. MOBILE APPLICATION urinary clearance has been anxiety, depression of the house

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