Ingredients: For a capsule.
- Tom: ... ... ... ... ... ... .500 mg
- Whooping: ... ... ... ... ... ... 500 mg
- Hibiscus positive or ... ... ... .500 mg
- Excipients a capsule
Mechanism of action:

Shrimp in the works:
Mignon - White - Enhanced sap, kidneys are important excretory bodies of the body. Besides urine excretory function, the kidneys excretory metabolites of the body including uric acid. Uric acid is a product of amino acid metabolism of the human co-pu rin. Normally uric acid is excreted through the kidneys to keep blood levels thuong.Do level soldiers but somehow not that uric acid is excreted good over kidneys, blood levels rise, causing granulated crystals in the wall joints that causes arthritis is known as the gout attack (Gut) cap.Do kidney effects of shrimp in the code tree Uric acid excretion capacity of the body are restored so hoi.Vi gout patients (Gut) after some time using HOANG approaches that combine shrimp with other medicine has not been the attack of gout curve (Gut) level again and have more children are eating these foods have amino acid human pu-rin, such as heart, liver, shrimp, crab, ca ma .. right kieng.Voi commercial components must still be in the plant phytosterols Tom
effect in the reconciliation of blood lipid, lower blood cholesterol.

Whooping works:
According to the document: The locations of herbs and medicines in Vietnam "All of GS.Do Loi - Medical Sciences Publishing House in 2006, whooping competition effect Launch Low, gain muscles, detoxify the mercury, fumigation body
, reduce bone pain, physical muscles, making sweat, Pachydermata.

Assume either:
According to the document: The locations of herbs and medicines in Vietnam "All of GS.Do Loi - Medical Sciences Publishing House in 2006, assumed the defendant or with the effect kidneys, muscles strong, positive support essential utility, promoted the activity room, against frigid, reducing back strain knee pain, limb poisoning.
Also assume or with the effect lower blood pressure, small amounts have diuretic, large doses can inhibit, complement careful, page-positive, the style, the tower.

Medicinals on coordinated to enhance liver function, kidneys, supporting treatment People with gout (Gut), to reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood, reduce bone pain, reduce blood cholesterol.


- HOANG approaches help reduce uric acid levels in the blood in patients with gout (Gut)
- HOANG approaches help reduce osteoarthritis pain.
- HOANG approaches help reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Object use:
- Civil waste the money for people with gout (Gut) (red joints, grace much pain, activity restrictions match, deformed joints, where u lump under the skin and around joints)
- Civil waste the money for those high cholesterol in the blood increases.

Who drink every 3 X 2 times / day
Use from having a 2-3 scale.

Unwanted effects: Not seen
Packing: Box of 1 bottle x 60 tablets

Telephone advice:
North: 04.2214 5053 / 2214 5122
South: 08.626.773.88/0973.666.888

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