Learn about gout (defenses)

What is gout?

Gout ('s room) is arthritis caused by metabolic disorders, U-Ric acid in the body caused nen.Vi reason that the ability to excrete acid-Ric's u the kidneys, leading to acid levels increase in blood uric, surpassing the normal level, causing re-crystallization in the drive joints (toe, knee ..) and was born with gouty attack manifestation is swelling of the joints hot, red, pain (pain needle). People with gout often have to face the pain of abuse, dangerous complications such as kidney failure, kidney stones, stomach ulcers, the duodenum (by using multiple anti-inflammatory analgesics),
floating clump-pi ... I do gouty patients with painful swelling of joints, movement activities and worked hard, impact significantly on the ability to work and study.

The cause of gout.

Causes of gout is uric acid excreted by the body kem.Ham normal uric acid levels in the blood is below 420 mcmol / lit.Khi content of this increase generated by the body, or by eating more foods amino acid-rich foods have pu-rin human animals as organ meats, seafood .. the possibility of renal excretion of uric acid, gout is less export hien.Nhieu people on diet foods and still be gout because uric acid generated in the body too much from the human RNA-DNA of dead cells because yeast Xanthyl oxydaza (yeast create uric acid catalyst) operation is too strong. The renal excretion of uric acid due to age poorly, due to the influence of drugs, the abuse of alcohol ... the cause directly caused

Detecting gout like?

When the body is the manifestation of gouty attacks (red hot swollen joints, pain), particularly with gouty attacks after eating food that has human amino acid-pu-rin (24 hours), then should be tested for acid levels in tumor-Ric mau.Neu blood levels of uric acid in excess of 420 mcmol / liter is already sick gut.Truoc other test equipment missing, so sometimes people mistaken for gout
that leads to arthritis treatment level has not dung.Nay equipped modern laboratory diagnostics should the gout was easy

The drugs in the treatment of gout.

When gouty attacks, people are used to tri.Colchicin colchicine effect makes the white blood cells do not move to the drive joint inflammation, thereby reducing the Graduate viem.Bac for people with gouty serve immediately with the dose depending Colchicil condition of the patient. At the same time using more anti-inflammatory pain relievers do not have human steroids (as Indometacin, Nimesulit ..), because these drugs inhibit the enzyme catalyzes the creation of substances can be used to add yeast viem.Co resolution substances
Alphachymotrypsin inflammatory as to the effectiveness of treatment was better.

These drugs increase uric acid excretion are used when chronic gout. In which the most commonly used is Allopurinol. Xanthyl inhibitors Allopurinol has recently oxydaza increase uric acid excretion through the kidneys so Allopurinol reduces uric acid levels
blood down.

In general, medicines used to treat gout work faster, stronger quickly reduce symptoms of gout, but no radical cure for the cause of gout is caused by the excretion of uric acid kidney kem.Mat other medicines have side effects like Colchicil cause diarrhea, kidney failure-The anti-inflammatory painkillers cause of duodenal peptic ulcer-allergenic Allopurinol ... People have been looking for drugs New gout, all traditional medicines proved to work towards restoring the ability to excrete acid Ric tumor of the kidney, through touch to activate, making no uric acid crystals in the drive again khop.Cac products HOANG approaches are products manufactured from herbs work to restore the ability of the renal excretion of uric acid, so when a user approaches HOANG time, the ability of renal excretion of uric acid as the patients recovered
-go away, gout patients should eat foods diet without gouty nua.Vi was prepared from herbal products should HOANG approaches using long days without any dangerous side effects.

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