CHICKEN He said, she heard RA VIT ...

The story of two old women he was hard of hearing, he said, making chicken, she heard a duck .. makes life very common at the victim. According to the Institute of Ear-Nose-Throat is that 30% of people aged 40-50, 35% of people aged 50-60, and 50% of people aged 70 to hearing loss hearing loss. Some drugs cause damage to the auditory nerve, as Qui-nin, streptomycin, Gentamycin ... as users were tinnitus, hearing loss. According to the elderly medicine are hard of hearing hearing loss is caused by degeneration of the structure of the transmitter (the eardrum and bones chain), and by the reception (the sensory cells, nerves leads transmission, the reception center on the cerebral cortex). Disease "deaf idiot" This greatly influenced the lives of the elderly. It caused many troubles in everyday life, especially in communication. it makes old people lose confidence in life, causing pessimism for the elderly, home business, depressed ...
Modern science has studied and created many hearing aids. But when using these devices, users feeling that they are disabled, people look out for Deaf was sick ... the other hand the use of these devices also make it difficult to restrict as continuous wear caused
allergy, discomfort ..
The drugs increase the ability to hear (not deaf) seems better.
Background in traditional medicine of ethnic groups for that disease "deaf lifting" of the elderly is caused by:
- Heat damage to lower brake: Do not eat in moderation, fatigue, injury spleen - located, central air any object, not straight win.
Appearance: unknown eyes, face cream, small voice low, short breath, fatigue, fluid modern facilities, tongue baby, thick moss, needs international circuit, gradually deaf ears.
- Blood cholestasis: As long stagnant blood on artery clogging the roads in the ear.
- Can heat: Because anger can hurt, can air links thriving part of fire talks, disrupting the loading bar at the lodge, the road artery occlusion in the ear, the first condition tinnitus, severity depending on the variation of emotion, then the deaf ear.
Ear expression is sought documents illusory words, mouth bitter heart troubles, many talks, chest discomfort, associated university facilities secrets, yellow urination, red tongue, red substance, viscous yellow moss, black circuit active transactions or black.
Cure: Event spleen and gas interests, the interests promoted a positive, active blood through complaints, radio need more heat, open talk of complaints.
On the current ICH NHI products DENMARK - HOSE by Pharmaceutical Company Limited Lotus studies from the pharmaceutical dosage:
- Cinnamon: sweet, spicy, great thermal properties. In economic Shen, Can.
Effect: Support positive, additional fire foot par subject.
- White Size: The slightly bitter, acrid. Into three economic Pi, waste and sediment.
Effect: Thanh defendants, from audio, audio engineering dues.
- G minor: The sour, calculated average.
In the second part of the gas business and kidneys, can add effects - kidney, urinary problems wax crystals, is used to weld axis style, make this lodge an erection.
- Assume or: The spicy, mild.
In the second economic and kidneys, which acts the defendant, kidney, rheumatism excluding positive support.
- Shame leisurely: sweet, sour, salty, reliability.
In economic kidneys, renal support utility works fine blood, White, laxative.
- Rabbit Electronics Company: spicy sweet, reliability.
In the second honorific, Kidney, defendant work, the kidneys, add the essence, robust collection of dues.
- Added Ginseng: sweet calculated average.
In 2 business waste and Pi, which nullify the effect, spleen, biogas useful new service, just thirsty.
- Private room: The spicy sweet noise calculation. In five business: Can, Waste, Pi, Vi, bladder.
Effective speech, except the rheumatism.
- Field: sweet, slightly moderate calculation.
In the three trading: Mind, and kidneys, effective: From negative blood nursing, rinse water through the kidneys.
- Imperial period: The slightly sweet, warm properties. In 2 business waste and Pi.
Additional blood work, the appointment lasts.
- Father processing: The spicy sweet, great thermal properties.
On 12 economic, positive feedback effects, flowers, spread welding, except lower.
- Alismatales: sweet light, welding properties.
In 2 business bladder and kidneys. There beneficial effect on low heat, more fire described, diuretic.
- Jiang work: The bitter, reliability. Into three business bladder, Can, Shen.
Effect except the rheumatism, water tanks.
- Easter Father: sweet light, calculated average. In the five trading: Mind, Wasted, Kidney, Pi, Vi.
Additional work spleen and gas utility, new student services, just thirsty.

The position on pharmaceuticals are used together in ICH NHI products DENMARK - HOSE, effect: Fact spleen and gas interests, the interests promoted a positive, active blood through complaints, radio need more heat, open talk of complaints. Be used to support treatment of deaf, hard of hearing, tinnitus, hearing unknown. Using NHI products ICH DENMARK - HOSE regularly will help older people recover raw gas, sleep, eat, hearing gradually recovered. This way, "he said CHICKEN, RA VIT she heard ..." is no more.
So old people confidence in life, help the elderly live happy, healthy living, borrowing the same sum descendants.

ICH NHI Products DENMARK - HOSE really help the lives of the elderly.

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