AND Toothache Things to Know

                                Let your children's smile forever joyful because of tooth decay with no fear


Toothache is a common concept to refer to diseases such as inflammatory dental pulp, inflammation around the tooth, gum tooth in the acute phase with symptoms such as swelling, pain accompanied by fever.
Patients can easily switch to other manifestations of chronic blood vessels around the tooth being beneficial and relaxing, easy bleeding, teeth, breath odor that is unpleasant.

The main factors to cause disease is caused by oral bacteria living in root parasites, which cause fermentation and digestion of food sticking in the tooth also makes good tooth infection, sometimes leading to inflammation
pulp necrosis causing damage to organizations around the tooth pulp and food simultaneously decomposed by creating products that make the breath smell the unpleasant odor.

For treatment of oral diseases, in addition to measures such as antibiotics taken orally or injected body, then measures to reduce pain and antiseptic in place is essential.

Present to combine and improve efficiency in the treatment of dental pain pill products UNDERGROUND Toothache - HOSE, by the Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Lotus produced. The drug is produced from the herbs containing essential oils, in which the active ingredients work very quickly under local anesthesia and medicine that contains vegetation antibiotics help prevent dental disease. UNDERGROUND MEMBERS Toothache - HOSE has outstanding advantages is fast and pain treatment is very effective bad breath. Using drugs is very simple and convenient, just put a pill in place that pain, drugs to be fading, the active ingredients are released slowly and long stay in painful positions, not saliva to float
fast, so the effect of the drug is maintained and extended.

To treat bad breath, each day just suck 1-2 tablet in the morning and before bedtime would quickly end bad breath, makes sweet breath and help prevent dental disease.

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