Que me in the Red River where the alluvial river silt, soil fertility should cane grows very tot.Tuoi my poetry associated with cane sugar from the rainbow up, to cut sugar cane leaves peeled, pulled sugar ... and ... can not eat sugar cane as vay.Co occasions something interesting by sitting on the banks of the Red River windy, eating sugar cane, looking at the romantic river, meandering through co.Mia grow on alluvial soil medium to medium soft, so sweet nua.Va as well as my back, my country people are eating sugar cane harvest around nam.Nhung occasions last year, all houses are taking on sugar cane in the corner and eat up the last day dan.Nhung year, the northeast monsoon season brought molasses smell of fragrant stove famous street, making young them.Lu everyone know we eat sugar, so those summer afternoons listening to his sales pitch pulling out candy lane:

Candy has long drag plastic medium

Long and medium sweet

Good run home

Please mom gift money

Pull out .. buy candy, which ...

So the kids gravitate around him, we sold candy pulling, pulling his hand looking candy bars and wear around for long .. .. he babbles compact candy bar break, take it to us.

Because eating sugar, sweets as much, so I and my people were home ... someday rang.Mot deep, intense pain suddenly, from one or two teeth in the mouth, any shock to each return .. It is true that no pain and suffering while being tortured teeth deep as the security detail "first eye, second toothache" And the owner of the teeth that face grimaced, tilt mouth distorted because of pain, just know put his arms around the chin and whimper .. "Oh .. pain too ... "Well, then complete cure for toothache was presented for different people-from the hydrated salt, hydrated salt grilled cactus, both hydrated tobacco cigarettes ... are real little hien.Co people away tens of kilometers, to the garden to the village started to arrest people .. rang.Co deep depth as has been recounted dozens of worms in a tooth, I found I was terrorstricken that.Me such toothache ran counter next to commune health drugs buy drugs for selling drugs, said toi.Co pharmacy pain is only an analgesic effect at time, according to many considered to take gastric ulcers, duodenal issue there .. Should I just drink just so.O school teachers also taught us how dental hygiene, mouth, but circular-toothache-pain-medication pain-eat sugar, sweets, toothache-based inter-
vay.Nhieu continue as people become infected even the tooth, swelling of the mouth seems ... until one day.

That meal, my dad selling projectors in Nam Dinh, he found the counter drugs can be purchased medicine for toothache, that's UNDERGROUND MEMBER-HOSE Toothache due Ltd Lotus produced pharmaceutical drugs xuat.Day is hydrated, cure toothache, sore teeth, gum disease, bone marrow .. made from herbs: New International, Angelica, Trans frames .. My father went to buy a few boxes for me dung.Toi found using simple , just peeled off the tablet blister, placed on pain and entrapment tightened, the tablet will melt slowly, and the substance will seep into the teeth, gums, to relieve pain, antiseptic in pain due cho.Con upper jaw teeth urged me to take a dip luon.Toi members found the pill is fragrant, while sucking sweet, slightly spicy, very suitable for me. So I immediately swung several members, instead of cool, pangolin reducing aches and pains vi.Toi an interesting take medication immediately go for boys that you're in pain like me, as I told them hydrated and not feel afraid of peptic ulcer of the duodenum-like pharmacy where drugs are also sweet as candies vay.Va then, in pairs of books we have a few box-MEMBERS UNDERGROUND HOSE for Toothache pain when sucking teeth taken out, it's extremely convenient. A few people see also big thanks to my father bought it for Toothache UNDERGROUND MEMBER-HOSE and broken rules on the use of merit not only reduce pain medications, also make the breath sweet, no discomfort as before nua.That true MEMBERS FIRST UNDERGROUND HOSE-RANG-great gift of our.