Subcommittee AQUATIC REGISTRATION NUMBER: V855 - H12 - 10

Ingredients: Each bottle contains 125 ml

Kim banks flower: 20g

Xanthium strumarium: 10g

La Khe: 10g

Business World: 10g

White Sugar: 90g

Eg 125 ml drinking water

Actions: - to heat, disinfection, cooling blood, anti-allergy

Indications: - Used in cases of: Itching, rash, urticaria available due to allergy-causing agents such as weather, food, dust, pollen, chemicals, drug allergy

Dosage: - Adults and children over 10 years: take 3-4 days once every 10-20 ml (1-2 tablespoons broth)

- Children 5-10 years: take 3-4 days once every 5-10 ml (1/2-1 teaspoon soup)

- Children under 5: On drink 3-4 times, each 2-5 ml (1-2thia coffee)

Usage:-For children under 5 years old may diluted drugs with boiled water to avoid choke equivalent drug

- The time the drug normally from 5-7 days, cases of serious illness or disease can have long used twice the normal phase.

Contraindications: - The damage to the spleen and welding, chiefly liquid, self sweating should not be used more

Unwanted effects: Not seen

Packing: Box of 1 bottle 125ml-150ml-80 bottles Carton - 40 bottles

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