The Registration Number HOANG FEMALE: 5570/2009/YT-CNTC

Currently the market is the product HOANG-FEMALE HOSE is made from the herbs you like Kim I, Pinellia, White deposed, Chen packaging, and some others are intended to reduce damage to the gas, precautions multiple infections, feeling more confident comfort for patients. Products by Pharmaceutical Company Limited Lotus manufacturing hard capsules in the form of blisters for storage and convenient use.

1.Thanh part: Each hard capsule
White disqualification: 70mg
College ginseng 90mg
Pinellia processing 40mg
Tran packaging 40mg
Impairment of 90mg
Contact humiliation 90mg
Kim I 90mg
Excipients a member
2.Cong: support treatment: The disease in tropical climate white women.
3.Doi object use: Women infected Climate: tropical white, royal zone caused by infection, vaginal yeast, vaginal infections whip, inflammation of the lining of the cervix and uterus, inflammation of subsections (fallopian tubes , ligament) or caused by endocrine disorders, more or less Folliculin hormone.
4.Cach used: Day 3 times, each time 2-3
5.Dong Package: Box of 60 capsules; Carton Box 120 X 60 members

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