1.Thanh part: Each bag sugar

Special high Actiso 0.1 g

Sea animals high 0.075 g

Convolvulaceae specifically 0.075 g

Excipients a member

2.Tac Application:

Actiso contains Cynarin, the polyphenols, Inulin sugar, mineral salts.

Cynarin effect increased security, energy, stimulates appetite, support heart, diuretic, anti doc.Cac polyphenols are effective to reduce blood cholesterol, protect the liver.

Inulin need for people with diabetes.

Actiso injections are given and the effect of increasing the amount of urine and urea in the urine, reducing the constant Ambar, reduce blood cholesterol levels and blood urea. Actiso not toxic

Marine animals: Avicularin Contains flavonoids, quercitrin, emodin, flavom pigments, in addition to tannin, vitaminC, crystal dau.Bien animals have diuretic, inflammation, influenza and diarrhea kill intestinal parasites.

According agree bitter pale sea animals, calculated average, diuretic effect, targets inflammation, detoxification.

Convolvulaceae specifically: Contains Glucosid is Phacbitin, laxative effect, through urinary antiseptic.

3.Chi to:

Hepatitis with jaundice, pimples, itchy foot

Detoxification, anti-allergies, particularly decreased liver function

Urinating urinate, indigestion, constipation

4.Lieu use and usage:

Adults: take 3-4 days once every 3-4 employees

Children: take 3-4 days once every 2-3

5.Chong specify:

Do not use for patients HADOGAN follows:

-Patients sensitive to any component of the drug

-Pregnant women

The patient is diarrhea-

6.Tuong drug effects:

Do not use simultaneously with drug profits HADOGAN bleach

7.Quy Packing:

Box 2 X 20's blister; Box of 5 blisters x 20 tablets

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